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FS Flash Sale

a Flash Sale offers deeply discounted goods or services for a limited period of time. It is known as “Flash Retailing.”

Business benefits include offloading products and reaching customers who do not shop online. Customers like value when shopping and participating in a limited time event.

Meet Dan

Dan is an e-tailer that hosts a Flash Sale to reach offline customers. He likes a Flash Sale because it helps him offload products in a fast and efficient way. Dan likes the fact that a Flash Sale disrupts his normal way of doing business and is exciting to his customers. He can choose the location and duration of his Flash Sale and then return to his regular routine, managing his online business. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

Design Benefits

Reach customers that don’t shop online
Value focused
Limited time event

Disruptive Factor (0-100)

Disruptive Factor

Strategy Benefits


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