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At Gustie Creative, we are a group of passionate creatives dedicated to one goal: designing exceptional disruptive retail solutions. We work to create meaningful connections, offer engaging experiences, and help each client increase their competitive advantage, open new marketing channels and innovate. We are evangelists for disruptive retail and believe it works nicely for most brands, businesses, agencies and non-profits. 

As a value based company, we strive to provide the highest quality of service and maintain a social conscience in our creative strategies and design decision-making. Our clients always come first and we work effectively and efficiently, on the cutting edge of design, to provide creative, unique, and market driven solutions as we steadily grow from a start-up to a well known design firm.

About our Founder

Karen S. Herman • CEO |  Retail Design Strategist

Karen S. Herman, founder of Gustie Creative and Create Disruptive RetailAs Founder, CEO and Retail Design Strategist at Gustie Creative, I work with brands, businesses, agencies, and non-profits to create unique marketing strategies and design exceptional interior spaces, destination experiences, collateral materials and disruptive retail solutions. I am a highly skilled commercial designer, dedicated professional writer, dynamic motivational speaker and fortunate digital native.

I beta test new technologies to understand best use, write articles on design and technology for trade publications, am a Contributing Writer to Simply the Best Magazine and an active member of the RetailWire BrainTrust. Also enjoy speaking to small and large groups on design and technology.

Gustie Creative is an innovative disruptive retail solutions provider. We offer full service design, retail design strategy, strategic marketing, project management and design innovation with AR and VR. We recently launched Create Disruptive Retail the premier online-to-offline design platform for disruptive retail solutions. To support Create Disruptive Retail, I am writing a series of five e-books. The first e-book, “The Definitive Guide to Disruptive Retail – Experiences,” will be available in August 2018. I also host DisruptShops  in South Florida, throughout the US and in Canada.

Gustie Creative is my second company. My first was Creative Direct Solutions, Inc., founded in Stamford, CT in 1995. This company was in business for 13 years and focused on delivering a tailored design approach that integrated technology with a clear design aesthetic, project management and customer service. Clients included Calvin Klein, Inc., New York Athletic Club, New York Palace, MediaPost, GRS and The Ledges.

Click link to visit Karen’s Crunchbase Profile and LinkedIn Profile

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Indie Brands

Sole Proprietors

Small Offices/Home Offices

Live Media Trading Room, designed by Gustie Creative LLC, Create Disruptive Retail, VR, Virtual Room




Small to Large Businesses


Real Estate Firms

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Helped Hope
Alexander Golding, Founder and CEO, Helped Hope
“Karen always places the client first and attended to my firm's needs immediately. As a business owner, she understands that my firm needs things done quickly and at a high level of quality."
Zimmerman logo
Jordan Zimmerman, Founder and Chairman, Zimmerman Advertising
The design of our Live Media Trading Room is f***ing awesome.
Gustie G
Howard Gitten, Technology Attorney
I am proud to be involved with Gustie, a forward thinking group that is bringing paradigm bending ideas and technologies to what was previously considered the old school world or marketing and commercial interior design.
Wind 2 Share
Ada Story, Social Media Manager, Wind2Share
Karen is an extraordinary professional and a visionary by nature. Her ability to translate ideas into real designs and strategies is outstanding. We have worked with her in the past, achieving great results.
Wind 2 Share
Alex Riquezes, CEO, Wind2Share
Gustie Creative did a wonderful job in helping us to achieve our branding objective.
Bagel Twins
Rose Waldman, Restaurant Manager, Bagel Twins
Gustie Creative did an excellent job creating our social media and I see many younger customers in the restaurant lately because of it.
VZD Capital Management
Ethel J. Davis, Principal and Portfolio Manager, VZD Capital Management
Karen is a contemporary trailblazer for she is changing the infrastructure within the disruptive retail market. Her ideas will take you from good to extraordinary with her ‘forward thinking’ concepts.
Web Contracting
Lynette Burkhart, President, WEB Contracting, Inc.
Karen is an expert at design and watches the bottom line to give her clients the best service at the best prices.

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